Umpires (2017)

Your sport needs more qualified markers and umpires, please consider if you are the right person with the correct skill to contribute to this important aspect of the sport.
The qualifications have been changed in the last year in an effort to speed up the process for candidates. 'Club Marker' is a good qualification for anyone who wishes to restrict their commitment to just club and possibly county final level. 'Umpire/Marker' is an extended qualification for members wishing to officiate at County finals, Inter-County matches and National finals.
In order to raise standards at all levels the E.B.U.F. feels that every club should have a qualified 'Club Marker' so that all players are made aware of good and best practise. 
A detailed information pack is available from the E.B.U.F. National Secretary, George Swann, Verini, Parklands, Mumby, Lincs.
LN13 9SP  Tel. 01507 490503